burn treatment

Vitamin D may aid serious burnsVitamin D supplements are known to reduce the inflammation and swelling associated with sunburn, but a new study from Birmingham University suggests that it may also help with more serious burns.
Types of wounds and dressing options
Types of wounds and dressing optionsThe March Table of the Month discusses various dressing options and review times for certain wound types.
Behind the hype in stem cell therapyStem cell use in dermatology is part hype and part investigational reality. Experts help separate fact from fiction.
Advances in burn care for kidsThe use of closed dressings in pediatric wound care has shortened hospital stays, decreased dressing changes, and lessened the need for feeding tubes and pain medication.
All aboard for AFRDoctors from the Naval Medical Center (NMC) San Diego have treated children on-site and off. In 2012, dozens of patients received ablative fractional laser therapy for scars aboard the hospital ship USNS Mercy.
Federal agency funds promising burn treatmentThe Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) has awarded a contract to Novan Therapeutics to develop a topical nitric-oxide-based burn therapy.