Burkhard Dick, MD

Small-aperture IOL offers advantages over other presbyopia lenses
Small-aperture IOL offers advantages over other presbyopia lensesA new small-aperture intraocular lens (IOL) extends patients’ depth of focus as well as multifocal IOLs with fewer dysphotopsias, researchers say.
Femtosecond laser for pediatric cataracts safeFemtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery in children with cataract was uneventful, safe, and resulted in good outcomes, despite being an off-label use of the technology, said Burkhard Dick, MD.
Eliminating ultrasound during lens removalWith femtosecond laser lens pretreatment and optimization of the surgical approach, removal of even dense cataracts (LOCS III grade 4) can now be completed without any ultrasound in nearly all cases.
Femtosecond laser cataract surgery using broad inclusion criteriaOutcomes from use of a proprietary femtosecond laser system (Catalys Precision Laser System, OptiMedica) to perform cataract surgery in a series of 850 eyes, of which 25% have some comorbidity, are testament to its reliability and safety.
Broad inclusion criteria expand femtosecond laser’s reachLarge series shows increased safety, efficiency, efficacy with laser-assisted cataract surgery