Pravastatin Bottles Recalled: Actual Content Is BupropionInternational Laboratories recalling one lot of bottles labeled 40-mg pravastatin.
COPD and pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation at the VA: StudyUse of tobacco-cessation therapy was low. The study found several negative factors — and two positive predictors.
[BLOG]: Obesity drug safety review
[BLOG]: Obesity drug safety reviewIn this blog post, Robert Kyle of AdverseEvents compares the results of a postmarket survey of 3 obesity drugs.
Analysis: Impact of bupropion use on open-angle glaucoma riskThe widely used antidepressant bupropion appeared to protect against open-angle glaucoma in an analysis of a large health-care claims database.
Depression in the elderly: A pharmacist’s perspectiveDepression is a disease state that is commonly underdiagnosed and undertreated in patients over the age of 65 years. Elderly patients may differ from younger patients in the presentation of symptoms and in the prevalence of comorbidities. Risk factors for the development of depression are different for elderly patients. Treatment may also be dissimilar, including response and response time to treatment. Treatment should be tailored to the individual patient in the geriatric population to optimize therapeutic outcomes. Pharmacists can be vigilant of comorbidities and medications that potentially increase the risk of depression in the elderly. Pharmacists can play a significant role in advocating for the screening and treatment of this disease state. They are in a unique position to improve patient outcomes in late-life depression.