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What Does My Number Mean?: A Basic Research Primer on Mammographic Density

The relationship between breast cancer risk and the biology of breast density. From the University of California's Breast Cancer Prevention & Treatment series.

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US bill for false-positive mammograms: $4 billion annually
US bill for false-positive mammograms: $4 billion annuallyA recent report sheds light on how much false-positives and overdiagnosis of breast cancer cost. Additionally, new research examines the impact of the number of live births on future heart health in the mother and provides further evidence of the efficacy of cfDNA testing.
Women's Health Update: Breast biopsies read as atypia may warrant a second lookPlus: research on systemic HT, type II diabetes and post-pregnancy obesity
Surgical options for reducing risk in BRCA mutation carriers
Surgical options for reducing risk in BRCA mutation carriersAmong BRCA mutation carriers, risk-reducing bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (RRSO) results in an 80% reduction in risk of ovarian cancer and a 50% reduction in risk of breast cancer if the surgery is performed before the onset of menopause.
Do women understand mammograms?
Do women understand mammograms?A new report finds that many women are unaware that health insurers are required to cover yearly mammograms. A high rate of “false alarms” contributes to women’s mixed feelings about mammography screening.
Is there an unmet need for post-mastectomy reconstruction?
Is there an unmet need for post-mastectomy reconstruction?A recent study set out to determine why women often do not undergo reconstruction.
Cutting carbs may reduce IGF1 breast cancer recurrenceA reduced-carbohydrate diet may reduce breast cancer recurrence in women whose tumor tissue is positive for insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF1) receptor, according to a new study in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention.
Women with diabetes less likely to have mammogramsA Canadian study shows that women with diabetes are significantly less likely to have mammograms, even after adjustment for socioeconomic status and other factors.
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