BRCA mutations

Who is being tested for BRCA?A study looks at who is being tested for BRCA mutations as testing becomes more common. Also, a look at the impact of Zika virus on birth defects using benchmark data. Plus: How is the United States doing with infant mortality?
Techniques for salpingectomy at time of hysterectomyBilateral salpingectomy should be considered in patients who are already undergoing hysterectomy for other indications.
Identifying and counseling women with BRCA mutationsWomen with BRCA gene mutations face tough decisions but they have options.
Beyond BRCA: Promising results with multigene testing for breast cancerResults of a multi center observational study suggest that testing for a panel of genes may be the wave of the future for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and alter the course of clinical management.
Should salpingectomy be standard of care at time of bilateral tubal ligation?Two experts take sides on the clinical merits of performing bilateral salpingectomy alone versus removing the tubes in BRCA mutation carriers.
Surgical options for reducing risk in BRCA mutation carriers
Surgical options for reducing risk in BRCA mutation carriersAmong BRCA mutation carriers, risk-reducing bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (RRSO) results in an 80% reduction in risk of ovarian cancer and a 50% reduction in risk of breast cancer if the surgery is performed before the onset of menopause.
The pelvic mass workupThe best strategy for identifying pelvic masses and triaging patients to the appropriate surgeons.
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