botulinum toxin

On point with off-label BotoxDr. Jonathan Kaplan uses botulinum toxin type A for downturned lips, sweaty palms and plenty more. Are you underutilizing this wonder drug?
Tips for treating men with BotoxDermatologists treating men’s frown lines with neurotoxins should take a few important things into consideration, according to Miami, Fla.-based dermatologist Jeremy B. Green, M.D.
Botox, fillers help restore facial balance in Bell’s palsy patientsA dermatologist describes how she uses fillers and, or botulinum toxin-A to restore disfiguring facial imbalances that result from Bell’s palsy.
Fillers last longer with BotoxA new study shows that botulinum neurotoxin-A prolongs filler life, but what exactly is the practical application for the cosmetic practice?
CNS may be path to future voiding dysfunction therapiesIn this interview, Karl-Erik Andersson, MD, PhD, discusses current treatments for common voiding dysfunctions and future directions, including central nervous system agents and combination therapies.
Tips for 'stacking' fillers, toxins and energy-based treatmentsDr. Julius Few offers tips for combining non-surgical treatments for near-surgical results at Global Aesthetics Conference 2015.
Botulinum toxin market grows along with senior segment
Botulinum toxin market grows along with senior segmentCurrent botulinum toxin products are more similar than different and can be effectively used for many purposes beyond facial lines and wrinkles.
Scleroderma skin ulcersScleroderma skin ulcers are challenging to manage and can be approached with a variety of therapies and treatments.
Reducing wrinkles over larger area with diluted abobotulinum toxin A (Video)A study comparing concentrations of abobotulinum toxin A and onabotulinum toxin A for reduction of forehaead wrinkles found that and increased dilution of abobotulinum toxin A results in a greater surface area coverage.
Study: Injection depth and botulinum toxin for treatment of eyebrow asymmetry
Study: Injection depth and botulinum toxin for treatment of eyebrow asymmetryBotulinum toxin Type A (BoNT-A) has a history of use to correct eyebrow height asymmetry, with the common belief that it works by inactivating the brow depressors. It has also been assumed that deeper injections of BoNT-A would amplify the effect. However, a new study by researchers at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada, suggests that therapeutic benefit is not correlated with injection depth.