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Influence of social media on teenagers' body imageVisually oriented social media platforms created by their peers can have a significant negative impact on adolescents’ body image.
The weightless word challengeThere is no doubt that living with distinguishing physical features can be difficult. More than one study has ranked chronic skin disease as a condition with the greatest negative impact on a child’s quality of life. The expert words of medical providers can have a significant impact on these essential concerns.
Perceptions of perfection: A global viewWhen female designers in 18 different countries were asked to Photoshop the same female image to make her attractive, the results were remarkable.
'Through a glass, darkly': Pediatric body dysmorphic disorder
'Through a glass, darkly': Pediatric body dysmorphic disorderBody dysmorphic disorder (BDD) can be a chronic and severe condition that often starts in adolescence. The telltale sign: children’s preoccupation with the idea that there’s something wrong with how they look, when in reality the imperfections they perceive in their appearance are slight or nonexistent.