The implications in the future of biosimilarsThe FDA is evaluating biosimilar medications for use in the United States. The approval of these medications in the next few years could mean big changes for dermatologists and their psoriasis patients
Another win for biosimilar arthritis drugsIn another win for biosimilar drugs, FDA staff recently decided that Celltrion and Pfizer’s biosimilar (Remsima) to Johnson & Johnson’s Remicade for rheumatoid arthritis was “highly similar” to the branded drug.
LAW: Primer on biosimilar agents: What the pharmacist needs to know
LAW: Primer on biosimilar agents: What the pharmacist needs to knowThe goal of this program is to educate pharmacists and pharmacy technicians about the legal and regulatory pathways for biosimilars approved by the US FDA.
Reimbursement hurdles associated with biosimilarsOptimism exists for biosimilars in the United States, but questions regarding FDA approval and reimbursement remain.
New rheumatoid arthritis therapies are comingFour new drugs and a biosimilar should be on your radar.
Cost, adherence as vital as TKI choice for CMLPrice, comorbidities are as important as TKI choice for patients with chronic myeloid leukemia
New psoriasis therapies must demonstrate valuePsoriasis affects a small percentage of the population but price increases for drug treatments have outpaced the Consumer Price Index.
Top 5 facts pharmacists should know about biosimilarsConsiderable confusion surrounds the new world of biosimilar drugs. Here are the top five issues connected with biosimilars that pharmacists should know about.
Will biosimilars change the cancer care landscape?While many believe biosimilars have great potential, challenges remain.
Pharm techs, biosimilars, testosterone to be discussed during ASHP online meetingThe role of pharmacy technicians, the naming of biosimilar drugs, and the appropriate use of testosterone are the three major issues that will be discussed during the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists’ (ASHP) first virtual House of Delegates meeting.