Bimatoprost insert offers noninvasive platform for early glaucoma patients A 19-month, open-label study of a novel bimatoprost, sustained-release ocular insert shows good safety and efficacy. The insert is polymer ring that sits atop the eye in the conjunctival fornix. Phase III trials are expected to begin in 2017.
Standards of care in treating glaucomaAs technology and glaucoma care evolves, so must our treatment guidelines
Bimatoprost sustained-release implants: Potential new pathway for glaucoma patientsThe bimatoprost sustained-release implant (bimatoprost SR, Allergan) improves compliance for patients with problematic compliance with topical IOP-lowering glaucoma drugs and controlled the IOP for 6 months after injection.
How 24-hour IOP measurements vary with glaucoma treatmentClinicians should take into account the way IOP varies over the course of 24 hours depending on the glaucoma treatment used, according to the authors of a new literature review.
Ocular insert overcoming glaucoma treatment challengesA bimatoprost-releasing ocular insert that rests in the conjunctival fornix (ForSight VISION5) lowered IOP in patients with ocular hypertension or glaucoma by an average of 4 to 6 mm Hg from baseline over 6 months.
To improve compliance in glaucoma patients, keep it simpleNoncompliance with glaucoma medication is a familiar issue. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but aiming for simplicity, consistency, and stability from the start of treatment could help more patients adhere to their treatment plan.
Bimatoprost for ‘chemical’ blepharoplasty?Dr. Deborah Sarnoff shares the first report in aesthetic literature of the rejuvenating effect of topical bimatoprost on the periorbital area.
Adherence to drug regimens may increase with genericsThe costs associated with medications for patients with glaucoma continue to have a significant effect on adherence. Making a switch from branded to generic drugs may make a difference for some patients in certain cases.
Generics improve compliance in glaucoma patientsCompliance is a common concern with glaucoma patients, but a study recently published in Ophthalmology found that generic medication may help increase adherence, possibly due to lower cost.
Researchers eye possible PAP link to bimatoprostThe first study attempting to quantify the impact of eyelid application of Latisse (bimatoprost 0.03 percent, Allergan) on periorbital fat is under way, its lead investigator said at the Cosmetic Surgery Forum.