Surviving allergy season as a contact lens wearerDepending on where you live, spring is here—or at least on its way. It’s the time of year to thaw out along with the trees, grass, and flowers. With spring comes our promise to get ourselves into shape for the summer, and life gets busier with more outdoor activities for the whole family.
How palynology and aldehydes affect allergy treatmentAs technology leaps forward with medicine, it is prudent at times to appreciate how far we have come in managing and treating allergic eye disease. In fact, let us look back to the beginning in ancient Rome with the first recorded case of atopy. One of these authors, Suetonius, wrote with great detail in his biographical text De vita Caeserum about the distinctive lives of the first Roman emperors.
Valeant responds to drug price concerns with cutsValeant Pharmaceuticals just entered into a new fulfillment agreement with Walgreens and says it will reduce prices of its branded prescription-based dermatological and ophthalmological products such as Jublia by 10 percent.
Bausch + Lomb settles with DOJ for IstaB+L subsidiary Ista pleads guilty to conspiracy charges in anti-kickback case and agrees to pay $34M in civil and criminal fines.