How Did You Participate in Rare Disease Day 2017?Rare Disease Day is held every year on the last day of February to help spread awareness about rare diseases and the people they impact.
Surviving allergy season as a contact lens wearerDepending on where you live, spring is here—or at least on its way. It’s the time of year to thaw out along with the trees, grass, and flowers. With spring comes our promise to get ourselves into shape for the summer, and life gets busier with more outdoor activities for the whole family.
What optometry can learn from the ALS Ice Bucket ChallengeAugust 2014 saw a public awareness campaign show the world the power of social media. This unprecedented viral video initiative is something that optometry hopefully can learn from and replicate for its own public awareness campaigns. Let’s take a look at the how this all happened and see if we can come up with a similar social sensation.
Address men's health with top-down approachUnderstand the culturally-embedded tendency to be reluctant to seek medical treatment