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Expansion of association health plans: 6 things to know about Trump’s proposalTrump’s new proposal would broaden access to association health plans. Here’s six things to know.
Republican alternative ACA plan: 5 takeawaysIs the republican alternative ACA plan a viable trade-off? Here are some key elements of the plan to consider.
Opinion: 4 ways to improve ACA risk-adjustment modelThe ACA risk-adjustment model applies to plans sold in the individual and small group commercial market, including plans sold through exchange marketplaces. Here are four main limitations.
Biosimilars pose problems for Medicare beneficiaries
Biosimilars pose problems for Medicare beneficiariesSurprisingly, Medicare beneficiaries are likely to pay much more for biosimilars than the referenced brand medication, according to a new report.
Biosmilars’ naming proposal could cause “significant” changesPharmacies should be wary of potential drug name changes that could occur if FDA finalizes its new draft guidance on biosimilar naming, which proposes proper names for biosimilars.
Managed care industry needs to know where exchanges are headedTo stay on the forefront of trends in formulary management, managed care needs to know where the market is headed and be able to determine strategy both inside and outside of health insurance exchanges.
Public payment and delivery reform initiatives foreshadow private market changesThe incentives unfolding in both the public and private insurance markets that include providers assuming more financial risk will impact prescribing decisions for specialty pharmaceuticals.
Need To Know: October 2014Industry updates in business and health management.
[BLOG]: Effective collaboration can help to mitigate drug shortagesPatients across the country continue to feel the impact of critical prescription drug shortages. As formulary managers understand, an integrated approach to solving shortages, involving all supply chain stakeholders, can have a profound effect on mitigating the impact of shortages on patients.
New enrollees in healthcare exchanges to pay higher drug costsThe newly enrolled individuals in the healthcare exchanges will be faced with higher out-of-pocket costs for their medications than those who receive insurance through their employers, according to an analysis by Avalere Health of more than 600 health plans in the exchanges.