Ultra-widefield camera captures images from macula, far peripheryA recently released ultra-widefield fundus camera takes images in true color and captures high-resolution imagess rom the macula to the far periphery.
Confocal scanner gives ophthalmologists valuable new toolMost ocular structures become luminescent for a short time when exposed to a light source of appropriate wavelength; this phenomenon is known as autofluorescence (AF). AF is due to the presence of fluorescent substances called fluorophores.
Two AREDS2 ancillary studies presented at ARVOTwo reports from Optos Peripheral Retina studies, which are ancillary studies for Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS2), were presented last week at ARVO.
Study: Measurement of lens autofluorescence can identify patients with diabetesA study presented by Freedom Meditech President and COO Keith Ignotz at SECO found that measurements of lens autoflurescence can distinguish patients with diabetes from those without.