AUA Conference Coverage

AUA 2017

Better robotic RP skills linked to better resultsA quasi-randomized trial of open versus robotic radical prostatectomy and an evaluation of robotic inferior vena cava thrombectomy were among other key minimally invasive surgery studies at the AUA annual meeting in Boston.
How kidney Ca management strategies compareAn updated guideline on localized kidney cancer as well as a look at active surveillance as initial management for renal masses <2 cm were among the noteworthy kidney cancer studies at the AUA annual meeting in Boston.
Infertility/Andrology: Statins linked to decreased ejaculate volumeA study documenting that male paternal age is increasing across the U.S. and a finding that men with Sertoli cell-only syndrome have increased damage to seminiferous tubules with aging are among the take-homes in infertility/andrology at the AUA annual meeting in Boston.
Most non-directed kidney donors in upper end of economic spectrumA report on the Global Kidney Exchange and the finding that robot-assisted reconstruction of the transplant ureter is feasible were among the noteworthy research in transplantation at the AUA annual meeting in Boston.
Female Urology: How dynamic MRI compares with physical exam for evaluating POPA study that found that age was more strongly associated with selection of colpocleisis than frailty and a comparison of two common wide pore polypropylene Y meshes were among the noteworthy female urology/incontinence research at the AUA annual meeting in Boston.
Pre-Bx rectal swab use reduces costs, lowers number of infectionsOther infection/inflammation take-home messages from the AUA annual meeting include a study of predictors of fluoroquinolone resistance in the rectal vault of men undergoing prostate biopsy and a study of 1,310 patients evaluated over 16 years for CP/CPPS.
Larger PSA screening decline observed with patients in ACOsA comparison of four methods for evaluating microhematuria and an evaluation of a value-based care pathway for men undergoing surgery for BPH were among other noteworthy AUA 2017 in the area of outcomes.
Imaging: MRI/fusion Bx improves risk stratificationA prospective evaluation of cancer detection rates with PI-RADS and the finding that use of micro-computed tomography enabled rapid phenotyping of GU anomalies in adult and embryonic mice were among other key imaging studies from the AUA annual meeting.
Sexual Dysfunction: Non-standard shift work predicts low TOther AUA 2017 take-home messages in sexual dysfunction included a study indicating that obstructive sleep apnea correlated with increased venous leak as well as a finding that wounded veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan with genitourinary injuries had higher injury severity scores and were more likely to have urinary and sexual dysfunction than those without GU injuries.
Pediatrics: Less than half of undervirilized males receive molecular DxThe finding that the glans is a significant variable in hypospadias complications and an evaluation of external pelvic fixation alone without osteotomy at time of newborn bladder exstrophy closure were among the noteworthy studies in pediatric urology at AUA 2017.