Low-dose atropine for myopia in children: two years of experienceChildren in Tel Aviv have been treated with nightly atropine drops, significantly slowing the progression of myopia.
Atropine explored as treatment for childhood myopiaAtropine slowed childhood myopia progression by 50% to 60% in two large trials in Asia.
High myopia: Global pandemic with genetic and environmental causesSingapore—The manner in which myopia works has been a mystery until recently when investigators began making inroads into how the disease progresses. This knowledge likely is going to result in lifestyle changes, said Jodhbir Mehta, MBBS, PhD.
Debate over cause of myopia surgeMyopia prevalence across the age spectrum is increasing, nearly doubling over the last 40 years in adolescents, but there are many theories as to why this is occurring. Learn about you can help your patients stave off nearsightedness.