atopic dermatitis

Bleach baths effective for inflammatory conditions
Bleach baths effective for inflammatory conditionsA dilute bleach solution may be an effective way to treat certain inflammatory skin conditions, according to a new study.
DERMATOLOGY: Multiple modalities for treating atopic dermatitis
DERMATOLOGY: Multiple modalities for treating atopic dermatitisManagement of atopic dermatitis is always a topic of key interest for pediatricians because of the prevalence of this dermatologic disorder, its chronic nature, and its negative impact on quality of life.
Alternative medicine can help where traditional therapies failThe field of alternative medicine is increasing in popularity among dermatologists in the United States, particularly among their patients. Though conventional treatment approaches can be effective in quelling the symptoms associated with atopic dermatitis and other cutaneous diseases and conditions, “natural” remedies can also be of significant value in carefully selected patients.
PuriCore partners with Onset DermatologicsPuriCore, a water-based clean technology company, has entered into a marketing partnership with Onset Dermatologics.
AD with food allergy accelerates allergic marchAtopic dermatitis coupled with food allergy in early childhood speeds up allergic progression, according to findings from a recent study.