atopic dermatitis

Probiotics for healthy skinProbiotics, which are helpful bacteria that protect the body from harmful bacteria, are literally everywhere. In light of increasing antibiotic resistance due to over- and misuse, coupled with patients’ preferences for more holistic, natural approaches to healing, are we entering an era of anti-antibiotics and pro-probiotics?
Off-label systemic immunomodulators useful for various indicationsAlthough many systemic immunomodulators are approved for psoriasis, their mechanisms of action suggest they have utility in indications ranging from atopic dermatitis (AD) to chronic urticaria. Understanding a systemic immunomodulator’s mechanism of action provides a theoretical basis for uses beyond its labeled indication.
Food allergy panel testing often leads to misdiagnosisTo determine the utility of food allergy panel testing among patients referred to a pediatric food allergy center, investigators conducted a retrospective chart review of such patients for whom a primary care provider had obtained a standard panel of immunoglobulin E (IgE) tests.
Secondary infections in ADDifferential diagnosis is challenging in cases of secondary infections, including secondarily infected eczema in all its permutations.
The Irregular Border
The Irregular BorderThere is increasing interest in so-called alternative medicine. Both patients and practitioners are clearly interested in this domain and this is in striking contrast to the bright, shining edifice of evidence-based medicine.
MauiDerm 2015: New drugs bring promising treatments for derm conditions
MauiDerm 2015: New drugs bring promising treatments for derm conditionsPromising new treatments for rosacea and leishmaniasis are among the highlights of a Maui Derm conference session about new drugs in dermatology.
Takeaway: Considering alternatives
Takeaway: Considering alternativesDermatology Times editorial advisor, Elaine Siegfried, M.D., talks with Peter Lio, M.D., assistant professor of clinical dermatology and pediatrics at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, and private practice, Dermatology and Aesthetics of Wicker Park, Wicker Park, Chicago, about his interest in alternative medicine and the legitimacy and usefulness of certain techniques and therapies.
What's trending in ocular allergy treatmentThe advent of spring yields the annual pilgrimage of patients into our offices complaining of the itchy, watery eyes of allergy. As any eyecare practitioner can attest, ocular allergy is one of the most common presentations to an eyecare practice.
Study identifies molecular mechanisms behind AD
Study identifies molecular mechanisms behind ADAccording to researchers, abnormalities in the skin barrier and in the immune system that characterize atopic dermatitis can be reversed by drugs that narrowly target the immune signaling proteins interleukin (IL)-4 and -13.
Developments in management for atopic dermatitis
Developments in management for atopic dermatitisNew topical and systemic medications are being developed specifically for atopic dermatitis (AD). New guidelines of care for the management of AD are being issued by the American Academy of Dermatology, and ongoing research in other areas may change the approach to AD management in the future. Meanwhile, strategies are needed to combat steroid phobia.