astigmatic keratotomy

The ophthalmic technology floodToday, a visit to the commercial exhibitions of major meetings is a real show, with companies’ booths offering amazing high-tech devices that promise to address the specific needs we have in our practices. Although such technology impresses us, we seldom receive information on the evidence-based data surrounding its effectiveness, its cost-benefit analysis and the potential for obsolescence.
Handheld polarizing filter augments corneal imaging with simple approachUse of a handheld circular polarizing filter to intercept afferent and efferent light from a slit lamp or operating microscope highlights corneal structures that are otherwise invisible or barely seen.
Interim study results favor femtosecond laser astigmatic keratotomy procedurePreliminary results from a single center phase IV study support the safety and efficacy of femtosecond laser astigmatic keratotomy in patients undergoing cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange, said Pavel Stodulka, MD, PhD.