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Researchers validate prognostic model for mCRPCResearchers have developed and validated a clinically useful prognostic model for men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, which can be used in the front-line setting.
Urology FDA approvals of 2016Urology-related FDA approvals from 2016 encompassed drugs and devices for prostate cancer, renal cell carcinoma, bladder cancer, stone disease, and more.
How to combat vernal keratoconjunctivitisIt is a precarious position considering the desire to find the perfect remedy— yet with vernal keratoconjunctivitis (VKC), there is no magic bullet.
New Products: Test launched to improve prostate biopsy decision processOther new products discussed in this article include a surgical training model, devices designed to improve prostate biopsy accuracy, an updated label and more.
Uro Pipeline: Trial launched for drugs' use in metastatic, hormone-sensitive PCaA novel oral TRT agent, bladder control system, and localized prostate cancer agent are among other treatments in the pipeline discussed in this round-up.
Uro Pipeline: FDA grants priority review to advanced bladder Ca agentAlso look for coverage of products in the pipeline for bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis, prostate cancer, and male infertility.
Androgen receptor inhibitor shows significant PFS increase
Androgen receptor inhibitor shows significant PFS increaseRecent phase II results point to the efficacy of the prostate cancer agent enzalutamide (XTANDI) when compared with bicalutamide (Casodex).
FDA drug approvals-March 2015FDA actions in brief, breakthrough designation, recommended for approval, priority review, fast-track designations
New antifungal drug approved by FDACresemba (isavuconazonium sulfate, Astellas Pharma US) has just been approved by FDA for the treatment of adults suffering from the rare but serious infections of invasive aspergillosis and invasive mucormycosis. Individuals with weakened immune systems are most prone to these infections.
Irritable bowel syndrome therapeutics market dynamics
Irritable bowel syndrome therapeutics market dynamicsCurrently, the IBS treatment market is naïve and underpenetrated, with only 4 products indicated for IBS in the 7MM.