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ASCRS 2017 meeting

Biologic products increase dry eye optionsMany new diagnostic tools are available for dry eye and ocular surface disease (OSD). Treatments for dry eye and OSD have mixed results, however, said Bennie H. Jeng, MD.
Sustained-release dexamethasone products demonstrate positive results in pivotal trials
Intranasal neurostimulation increases tear production, improves dry eye signs/symptoms
Strategies for starting a CXL practice
Overcoming resistance of making glaucoma a surgical disease
Travoprost implant maintains IOP-lowering benefit at 11 monthsNew data from a phase IIa study show that an investigational intracameral extended-release travoprost implant (ENV515, Envisia Therapeutics) provided durable IOP-lowering over a follow-up period extending to 11 months.
Advanced wavefront-guided LASIK corresponds with positive patient-reported outcomes
CheckedUp, TearScience team for dry eye patient educationA newly formed partnership with CheckedUp and TearScience will bring the CheckedUp engagement platform to hundreds of clinics nationwide, announced the companies.
Cirle unveils latest 3-D surgical navigation systemCirle Inc. announced the unveiling of its latest three-dimensional Surgical Navigation System (SNS 200) at the 2017 meeting of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. The investigational system is completing FDA registration.
Innovator in small pupil management recognized with Binkhorst MedalAt the 2006 ASCRS Film Festival, Dr. Malyugin, professor of ophthalmology and deputy director, S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Institution, Moscow, received the first-place award in the instruments/devices category for his video, “Russian solution to small-pupil phaco and tamsulosin floppy-iris syndrome,” that presented the pupil expansion ring he designed for atraumatic management of the small pupil.