Conference Coverage

ASAPS 2016

3D printing creates 'mock' post-surgery nosesDoes 3-D printing have a role in plastic surgery? The answer may be as plain as the nose on your (patient’s) face.
3 Digital legal threats (and how to navigate them)From patient consents to testimonials and texting, attorneys offer legal advice to cosmetic surgeons on when to be cautious and how to navigate the rules.
Patient and staff treacheryAs a cosmetic surgeon, you face unique legal threats from the ones you know most intimately on the job.
Fat or implants? The derriere debateMany surgeons admit they prefer to use fat to augment the buttocks. Are implants on the way out?
HA fillers Volift and VobellaWhat makes these two dermal fillers a hot topic? They're long lasting and up for FDA approval.
High-tech nonsurgical solutions: What works?No one wants technology that over promises and under delivers. One expert says these three won’t disappoint.
3 Vaginal rejuvenation myths
3 Vaginal rejuvenation mythsCosmetic vaginal rejuvenation is on the rise, and so are the controversies. One plastic surgeon separates myth from the truth.
Test your knowledge: Stem cells and fat graftingIf you add fat grafting to facelift surgery, does it equate to stem cell therapy?
Filler trouble? Hyaluronidase (and smarts) to the rescueNot only do physician injectors need to know how to stay out of trouble, but what to do when trouble happens.
Facial analysis of agingDr. Val Lambros offers an inside peek at his not-yet-published study of actual aging progression using 3D imaging over a 15-year period.