Arun Gulani

How will ophthalmologists watch the eclipse?
How will ophthalmologists watch the eclipse?Ophthalmologists all know how to safely watch an eclipse, but how will ophthalmologists around the country be participating in and observing the event?
Which patients deserve empathy?In his latest blog, Arun Gulani, MD, discusses deciding whether or not a patient deserves empathy for their medical situation, even when they are 'attorneys who sue eye surgeons for a living.'
Could femto laser in cataract surgery become a necessity?The financial feasibility of using only one laser for all procedures is a given. Arun C. Gulani, MD, takes this one step further, arguing that perhaps the future may hold cases in which use of the femtosecond laser is a necessity, becoming a standard-of-care concept.
Not a candidate for refractive surgery? Not anymore!Ophthalmology Times introduces this new series called “Gloves Off with Gulani” that is part of the full-spectrum concept of a “super-specialty,” in which Arun C. Gulani, MD, will present prototype case studies and accept input to show how every case—no matter how difficult—deserves a mindset of emmetropia. Look for the first “gloves-off” encounter—“Multifocal IOL nightmare: Reversed to 20/20”—in the Oct. 1 issue of Ophthalmology Times.