aqueous outflow

Studying aqueous humour outflow with aqueous angiographyA pioneering dye-based technique that enables aqueous humour outflow to be studied has the potential to improve glaucoma angle-based procedures and surgery outcomes.
ABiC targets all sites of outflow resistanceAb-interno canaloplasty (ABiC) is a minimally invasive glaucoma surgery that accesses, catheterizes, and viscodilates all sites controlling aqueous outflow. When performed alone for uncontrolled glaucoma or with cataract surgery, it can result in reduced IOP and daily medication at follow-up through 12 months.
OCT provides minute details of aqueous outflow pathways, motionSchlemm’s canal and collector channels respond rapidly to changes in pressure gradients.
Impressive IOP results from second-generation microinvasive surgeryImplantation of two second-generation trabecular micro-bypass stents (iStent inject, Glaukos) as a single procedure or combined with cataract surgery is a safe and effective option for reducing IOP and the medication burden in eyes with open-angle glaucoma and IOP uncontrolled by medication and/or surgery, according to German surgeons.
ABiC: A novel approach to ab-externo canaloplastyAb interno canaloplasty accesses, catheterizes, and viscodilates all sites controlling aqueous outflow. At 6 months, IOP lowering ranges from 33.3% to 38.4%, whether looking at all comers, eyes undergoing simultaneous cataract surgery, those not previously on glaucoma medications, and individuals with and without a history of glaucoma laser trabeculoplasty.
Nitric oxide: A potential target for glaucoma treatmentEvidence suggests that nitric oxide can modify both mechanical and vascular events in primary open-angle glaucoma pathogenesis.
Advances in minimally invasive glaucoma surgeryOne surgeon’s experiences with the iStent trabecular micro bypass; an implant that forms a patent opening through the trabecular meshwork into Schlemm’s canal, restoring physiological aqueous outflow and providing a significant and sustained decrease in IOP.
In the pipeline: Novel MIGS stents in various stages of trialsNew devices to lower IOP and facilitate aqueous outflow via minimally invasive glaucoma surgery are being developed, and early results from clinical trials are favorable for some.