Nine Healthcare Apps Healthcare Executives Wish They HadIf there was one app that you could create, what would it be? We asked top healthcare executives. Here’s what they said.
8 apps I can't live without
8 apps I can't live withoutThe availability of many apps to help us facilitate our day-to-day process can leave us wondering which to use. Melanie Denton, OD, MBA, FAAO, gives her go-to apps that help her run her practice efficiently and effectively even when she's not in the office.
Five Tech Predictions for Healthcare in 2018In the year ahead, we can expect to see an insurgence in technology solutions that address patient engagement, data, and security throughout the healthcare system.
How to make health apps valuable for physicians and patientsEven if physicians aren’t convinced that mobile health (mHealth) apps are worthwhile, many of their patients are.
Health Apps Could Produce $7 Billion in Savings
Health Apps Could Produce $7 Billion in SavingsThe number of health apps is spiking, but they're also getting better.
Top 10 healthcare wearables to watch
Top 10 healthcare wearables to watchInnovation in healthcare wearables continues to drive market growth.
Three technology innovations helping Cigna meet customers’ needsAt Cigna, technology is viewed as a strategic enabler that powers its business strategy—creating closer, more meaningful connections with customers.
Top apps for ophthalmologists
Top apps for ophthalmologistsFrom ways to organize workflow, to apps specifically for eyecare providers, here are some popular apps you might consider installing.
A new contact lens app with potential to harm the publicSimple Contacts allows your patients to self report and self prescribe
Digital ob/gyn: The big healthcare disappointment of 2016Health apps are interesting, but they won’t be truly useful until they flow data into patients’ EHRs.