7 Weird Gifts Every Pharmacist Wants
7 Weird Gifts Every Pharmacist WantsDon’t know what to get your coworkers? Relax, we’ve got you covered.
Flu Season Kicks Off: What to Expect This Year
Flu Season Kicks Off: What to Expect This YearWhat you (and your patients) need to know about flu vaccines this year.
The Other Side of Opioid Limits
The Other Side of Opioid LimitsProponents argue that limits reduce the risk of addiction, but are they keeping pharmacists from caring for their patients?
Up to 26% of Hospital Readmissions are Preventable and Medication-BasedA new study looks at how pharmacists can prevent medication-related admissions.
Self-Assessment Tool Can Help Improve Medication SafetyRevised ISMP tool helps pharmacies see where they may be missing best practices.
Pharmacy Groups Warn Trump About Drug ImportsNACDS and APhA warn that letting Americans buy foreign drugs could be disastrous.
Roundup of the APhA 2017 Annual Meeting and ExpositionThis year's meeting highlighted the opioid epidemic and ways pharmacists can improve patient care.
Hilliard named 2017-2018 APhA president-electAPhA has announced its new officers for 2017-2018.
Another state shields identities of providers of lethal-injection drugsVirginia recently joined Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas in attempting to protect pharmacies, pharmacists, and doctors involved in executions from harassment and threats for death penalty opponents.
Former Walgreens exec honored for contributions to pharmacyAPhA's honorary president of the year talks about his proudest achievements and his vision for the future of the profession