Apgar scores

“No strings” prenatal income support improves birth outcomesA study among low-income women receiving prenatal income support in the Canadian province of Manitoba found that this unique benefit—provided with no conditions—results in positive birth outcomes.
Home birth after prior cesarean: What are the risks?Home birth can carry risks, regardless of whether the woman has previously delivered, and prior cesarean delivery can also carry risks. This session examined the risks that can occur among women who choose home birth with a history of at least one cesarean delivery.
Can Apgar scores also predict maternal health?Research looks at whether the Apgar score can be an indicator of maternal health as well. Plus: Do important reproductive milestones have an impact on long-term health? And, using another imaging tool for breast cancer detection.
AAP recommends Apgar score expansionAgpar scoring offers an useful initial assessment of a neonate’s physiological status and fetal to infant transition, but more data should be collected to adequately assess infants in distress that require additional interventions during the scoring period.
Home birth: The obstetrician's ethical response
Home birth: The obstetrician's ethical responseThe professional responsibility model of obstetric ethics provides a powerful antidote to maternal rights-based reductionism.