anxiety disorder

Can cannabis succeed where other compounds have failedUse of a novel semi-fluorinated alkane drug delivery technology as a vehicle to deliver cannabinoids to the ocular surface reached target tissues without systemic side effects in preclinical studies.
Genetic testing raises difficult questions for payersA new database helps payers understand which genetic tests are available, which genes they test for, and which tests would be appropriate to use to inform patient management.
Acne and anxietyAnalysis yields significant association between acne and psychiatric disorders.
Primary care doctors do screen for depressionA reader says that primary care physicians perform screening and follow-up for depression in patients.
Is domestic violence linked to perinatal mental health disorders?A new study in PLOS Medicine suggests that , there may be a link between domestic violence and perinatal mental health disorders. Women who develop mental health issues around birth are more likely to have experienced domestic violence.