How Pharmacists Can Fight Antimicrobial ResistanceA pharmacy organization says all health-providers need to help prevent and fight antimicrobial resistance.
No sign of chloramphenicol resistance in bacterial conjunctivitisChloramphenicol remains effective against Gram-positive bacteria, the most common agent in bacterial conjunctivitis, researchers say.
Clinical pearls for treating uveitisUveitis presents particular problems for ophthalmologists. Inflammation inside the eye can occur from so many causes that the diagnosis often requires painstaking, time-consuming investigation. As researchers have learned more about the disease, the possible etiologies and treatments have multiplied.
Oatmeal soothes, relieves, and inhibits viruses
Oatmeal soothes, relieves, and inhibits virusesGood for more than a morning meal, oatmeal soothes angry skin, relieves itching, and even has an antimicrobial effect.
Pre-op antibiotics sufficient to prevent UTI during stone TxBrian Howard Eisner, MD, examined antibiotic use in ureteroscopy and PCNL in two studies presented at the AUA annual meeting in New Orleans. He discusses the studies’ findings with Urology Times.
7 proven elements of a successful antibiotic stewardship programEarlier this year, the Obama Administration announced a 5-year plan to combat antibiotic resistance. The Forum on Antibiotic Stewardship was created to meet this "growing public health threat" and to reduce the misuse of antibiotics.
Study: antimicrobial peptide-coated contact lenses are safeA recent study published in Optometry and Vision Science supported the biocompatibility of contact lenses coated with an antimicrobial peptide, which could help lower the risk of contact lens-related infections.
Antimicrobial stewardship teams help save livesAntimicrobial stewardship teams that include infectious disease (ID) pharmacists and physicians in hospital settings can encourage more judicious use of antibiotics, resulting in lower mortality and cost savings, according to a report published online for the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy.
Antimicrobials slash rate of recurring UTIsAntibiotic prophylaxis with trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole significantly reduces the risk of recurrence of urinary tract infection (UTI) in children with vesicoureteral reflux after UTI, but does not reduce the risk of renal scarring, according to a randomized, placebo-controlled trial.
Antibiotic dialogue needs to continue
Antibiotic dialogue needs to continueI thoroughly enjoyed the lead article about “antimicrobial stewardship” in the October edition of Dermatology Times (“Antimicrobial stewardship: How dermatologists can be part of the solution, Vol. 34, No. 10). It succinctly and effectively detailed that for healthcare providers in general and dermatologists in specific, it is our duty to utilize antimicrobials appropriately.