anticoagulant therapy

Anticoagulant therapies
Anticoagulation in AF: More than just a risk score?At the 2015 AHA Fall Conference, Daniel E. Singer, MD, spoke about the current shortcomings of atrial fibrillation guidelines that use the CHADS-VASc score.
Does the burden of atrial fibrillation matter?In a presentation at the 2015 AHA Fall Conference, Peter Zimetbaum, MD spoke on the burden of atrial fibrillation and the association with a risk of stroke in AF patients.
Edoxaban: An oral inhibitor of factor Xa
New Anticoagulants for AF (VIDEO)The Doctor's Channel Video: Results of a new meta-analysis indicate that for patients with atrial fibrillation, treatment with one of the new oral anticoagulants rather than warfarin is more effective for preventing stroke and less risky in terms of intracranial bleeding.
It’s a new era in anticoagulant therapyA review of the latest agents and strategies for treating venous thromboembolic events (VTE) in both pregnant and nonpregnant women.