Rapamycin may slow agingUsed as a transplant rejection inhibitor, therapy for renal cell carcinoma and as a stent coating, the rapamycin compound may also increase lifespan.
Study: Compound found in vegetables could have anti-aging effectsA recent study found that the compound, NMN, boosts production of NAD+ in mice and could have anti-aging effects along with additional benefits, but more research is necessary to determine its effect on humans.
Are there any antiaging lip tips to share with mature female patients?The most important part of the lip to maintain with aging is the philtrum.
GlobalMed Technologies acquires Omnilux MedicalGlobalMed has represented medical and aesthetic dermatology brands, including BMT, CoolTouch and Radiancy, since 1996. Omnilux noninvasively treats dermatologic conditions, including acne, fine lines and wrinkles and non-melanoma skin cancer.
New cosmeceutical contains multi-potent growth factorSuneva Medical’s new bovine-free serum is composed of more than 120 growth factors. In studies, users reported significant improvements in skin hydration, radiance, firmness and fine lines. Read more on the science.
Can anti-aging strategies backfire?Dr. Brian Biesman offers his perspective on how to avoid hyper-aging your patients.
The good, the bad, the ugly of alternative therapies
The good, the bad, the ugly of alternative therapiesAsk your patients about their use of alternative/complementary therapies, which are often helpful but can cause or worsen skin problems.
In search of finding an anti-aging geneThe human genome project was completed without finding an anti-aging gene, much to the disappointment of scientists. Yet, the search continues for genes that could be modified to influence aging. Read and learn more
Treatment tips for photoaging treatment and preventionBoth dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have a variety of advanced and direct techniques they regularly employ to combat the effects of photoaging. Taking a look behind the doors of one such practice, dermatologic surgeon Rebecca A. Kazin, M.D., F.A.A.D., Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, Washington, D.C., offers her practice pearls for the techniques she uses on her patients’ faces to turn back these undesirable effects of time.
Skin anti-aging guidelines: What’s right at what age?
Skin anti-aging guidelines: What’s right at what age?Although the photoaging process affects each individual differently, certain general strategies for the prevention and treatment of the condition are available based on the physiologic changes of the skin. Two expert dermatologists shared with us the strategies and methods they use to help fight off and ameliorate the signs of photoaging in their patients, taking into consideration genetics, age range, lifestyle, and skin care.