Andrew G. Iwach, MD

What you missed at Glaucoma 360 this year
What you missed at Glaucoma 360 this yearSee the highlights and program overview from the Glaucoma Research Foundation's 2017 Glaucoma 360!
Changing trends that may alter course of glaucoma practices
Glaucoma 360 unites ophthalmic teams in one direction for better solution, ultimately a cureGlaucoma 360 is an all-encompassing event in which clinicians, scientists, industry, and business converge in one direction to discover a cure for glaucoma.
Managing glaucoma means managing patient oddsIdentifying and managing the risk factors of glaucoma is key to its effective management. Andrew G. Iwach, MD, says ophthalmologists are not treating means or averages,but individuals, and this requires a customized approach for every eye and every patient.