ancillary services

Grow the value of your practice by hiring midlevels, adding ancillary servicesA large number of physicians are facing retirement soon, yet few have a plan in place to transition out. Before selling your practice, take these steps to maximize its value.
Should your primary care practice add Botox and other cosmetic services?Cosmetic dermatology is a growing market, one that some primary care physicians can use as an ancillary revenue stream to boost their income. But experts say use caution when adding them to your practice.
Ancillary services: The prescription for a difficult business climateAncillary services can provide vital revenue enhancements for primary care practices.
Organized urology finds allies on self-referralAs the pressure continues to build in Washington to tighten the screws on the in-office ancillary services exception to provisions of the Stark self-referral law, key organizations representing urology are looking for allies on Capitol Hill to preserve that piece of business for urologists.