American Board of Medical Specialties

MOC: A view from the trenchesOne physician says the time to protest MOC mandates is now.
How ABMS, other specialty boards are confronting MOC changes
How ABMS, other specialty boards are confronting MOC changesLeaders of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and its member boards say they’ve been searching for the right path since deciding to take the MOC process beyond the once-per-decade requirement and add elements like subspecialty tests and patient ratings to the process.
NBPAS pushes for hospitals to accept its certificationThe recently-formed National Association of Physicians and Surgeons (NBPAS) is calling on its members to encourage the hospitals where they practice to accept NBPAS as an alternative pathway to recertification.
MOC reform: Latest developmentsAlthough I’ve been writing articles for Contemporary Pediatrics since 1988, I have never received as much supportive e-mail as I have in response to my 2 maintenance of certification (MOC) articles published in the January 2015 issue.
MOC controversy: Issues and answersThere has been much discussion both for and against Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements. This article explains how a permanent board certification program for physicians transitioned into MOC recertification and discusses the controversies surrounding the current program.
Letter: MOC contributes to physician burnout, but isn't only culpritMany pressures are contributing to physicians' decisions to leave medical practices.
MOC: An examination of costs and impact to physiciansMaintenance of certification is considered onerous, expensive and its impact on patient outcomes is debatable. The controversy surrounding it has triggered new policy action from the American Medical Association.
Letter to the editor: MOC boards are not voluntaryA reader notes that maintenance of certification boards are being required for credentialing.
Letter to the editor: Certification terminology misleads publicA reader writes that doctors who passes specialty board exams should be referred to as "diplomates."
Letter to the editor: ABMS and other boards force MOC on doctorsA reader writes that maintenance of certification has never been proven to improve the quality of care doctors provide, so it should not be required of them.