Smart home technology creates independence for patients with disabilitiesThe smart home market is expected to reach $121.73 billion by 2022.3 With these speculations, even stores like Home Depot now have a separate smart home device section. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be over 26 billion connected devices.
Using virtual reality in your practice
Using virtual reality in your practiceInnovative technology is certainly one way to catch a patient’s attention. Most patients will appreciate ODs who are not only current but use state-of-the art technology.
Getting comfortable with cloud storage
Getting comfortable with cloud storageLearn about options for personal and practice data storage
Opinion: Top 2 takeaways from UBS Global Healthcare ConferenceThe conference raised important points about unregulated growth opportunities and new pharmacy arena players.
Can Amazon change the pharmacy landscape?Industry experts analyze issues of mail delivery and transparency in the prescription drug market.
Is Amazon a Threat to Traditional Drug Retailers?
Is Amazon a Threat to Traditional Drug Retailers?Amazon has massive resources, but it may struggle to enter the PBM marketplace.
Keep up with patient demands: Tips for MCOsPatients are demanding more from payers and providers. Here’s how technology can help.
Online product exchanges set example for 2014Plans should consider adapting similar strategies from online product exchanges to prepare for 2014.