The 4 Ways Pharmacy Is Evolving
The 4 Ways Pharmacy Is EvolvingIf the past few weeks are any indication, pharmacy isn’t going to be the same for very long.
Will UnitedHealthcare’s Direct-to-Consumer Pharma Rebates Curb Rising Costs?UnitedHealthcare will pass on pharmacy discounts directly to some consumers, signaling the next wave of disruption in healthcare, say industry watchers.
Albertsons Set to Acquire Rite AidIn a stock deal, Albertsons will buy the parts of Rite Aid that Walgreens didn't buy.
Big-Box Pharmacy on the Rise
Big-Box Pharmacy on the RiseBig-box merchandisers, including supermarkets, employ thousands of pharmacists and offer higher-than-average salaries.
Rite Aid, Albertsons Expand Naloxone AccessRite Aid and Albertsons expand naloxone Access, hoping to curb the opioid epidemic.
Albertsons accused of failing to pay overtime, provide meal periodsA California pharmacist recently filed a class action lawsuit against Albertsons, accusing the grocery chain of failing to pay overtime or allowing mandated rest and meal periods for its pharmacists.