Advances in Aesthetic Technology

Smart skin that acts like the real thingResearchers have developed a recyclable paper-based smart skin, capable of detecting temperature, humidity, pH, pressure, touch, flow, motion and proximity at 13 cm.
Skin resurfacing with lasers and lightThese are Dr. Suzanne Kilmer’s top take-home points from “Resurfacing the skin with lights, lasers, RF and needles” at ASLMS 2016.
The latest in laser hair removal
The latest in laser hair removalNew data show long-term hair reduction with less painful and shorter treatment times.
Quantifying facial fat3D photography goes beyond the subjective to improve assessment of cosmetic surgery outcomes.
How effective is RF energy for skin tightening?With growing patient demand for non-surgical skin tightening solutions, it's a question every aesthetic practitioner wants to have answered.
Beyond liposuction: Fat melting, skin tightening combosWhether it includes traditional liposuction or not, experts say combination treatments deliver better results for fat reduction, body sculpting and skin tightening.
What is your favorite technology for non-surgical skin tightening?Does anything really work when it comes to creating tighter skin? The members of our expert panel share their honest opinions.
Perforator mapping with your smartphoneCould a $200 smartphone-compatible thermal imaging camera effectively assess the cutaneous blood flow in reconstructive surgery patients?
The machine age: What's next in technology?
The machine age: What's next in technology?From skin tightening to vaginal rejuvenation, cosmetic surgeons share their opinion on what will trend next in aesthetic technology.
PFD patch improves laser tattoo removalA PFD-infused patch can improve laser-assisted tattoo removal, with more rapid tattoo clearance and greater patient satisfaction, according to a new study looking at the technology.
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