aesthetic complications

Avoiding complications with dermal fillersComplications can happen to the best of injectors. Addressing them appropriately and quickly is key according to Steve Fagien, M.D
Avoiding Kybella complications
Avoiding Kybella complicationsDo you question Kybella’s safety? Medical experts offer insights and advice for how to avoid serious complications.
When CoolSculpting goes wrong
When CoolSculpting goes wrongIt’s become the golden child of nonsurgical fat reduction, but it’s not perfect and it doesn’t always work.
Dermatologists deal with cosmetic competitionWith “discount” injectable treatments here to stay, experts say, dermatologists must court sophisticated consumers willing to pay for the quality and expertise that only dermatologists and other core aesthetic specialists offer.
How to handle consentInformed consent is a critical element of a strong physician-patient relationship. It is both a legal requirement and an ethical obligation that supports the physician in the face of litigation and protects the patient’s autonomy in the decision-making process.