Pharmacists Credited for Decline in Hospital-Acquired ConditionsIn the battle against ADEs, pharmacists are leading the way.
How your pharmacy partners impact your Star RatingsAre you tracking your prospective pharmacy partners to measure their potential impact on your Star Rating? You should be.
[BLOG]: Medications are the new battlefield and pharmacists are the best “recon” agentsMedication-related problems (MRPs) can be a significant patient safety risk, particularly in hospitalized patients. One method used to minimize this safety concern is through medication reconciliation, or the process of documentation of a patient’s outpatient medication list at the time of hospital admission. Medication reconciliation can be performed by any trained health care professional (i.e. nurses, pharmacy technicians, physicians, etc.), however improved patient safety outcomes have been demonstrated when pharmacists perform this process.
Oct. 4 deadline for comments on plan for ADE prevention