adenoviral conjunctivitis

Evidence-based ophthalmologyWhy it is that ophthalmologists who read the same papers in the same journals have such widely varying approaches?
In-office lab testing provides diagnostic informationSimilar to the benefits that the primary care and pediatrics fields have enjoyed following years of rapid strep and flu testing, the uptake of rapid, single-use, point-of-care (POC) testing in optometry helps to guide clinical management and therapeutic decisions.
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Current management of adenoviral conjunctivitis suboptimal, more data may helpAlthough research has led to improvements in understanding the pathophysiology of adenoviral conjunctivitis and in its diagnosis, there remains a need for further advances, said Anat Galor, MD.
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Managing contagion in a clinical settingEye-care professionals can employ a variety of techniques and diagnostic technologies to identify infection, eliminate it, and improve outcomes for their patients.
How to manage adenoviral conjunctivitisAdenoviral conjunctivitis (Ad-CS) has never been so popular a topic as it is right now. With over 26 million viewers tuning in to watch the Olympics, Americans have watched Bob Costas’s unilateral conjunctivitis worsen, then become bilateral. His ocular condition prompted many commentators to remark, “Can’t someone help him?”
Promising viral conjunctivitis treatment goes into Phase 2b trialNovaBay Pharmaceuticals is conducting a global Phase 2b trial of its proprietary NVC-422, a new generation N-chlorotaurine-based molecule for treating viral conjunctivitis.