Why addiction change shouldn’t come from DCAction on substance misuse is too important to leave to politicians.
Mental health: The secret sauce to healthcare reformMental health advocate Patrick J. Kennedy talks to Managed Healthcare Executive about reform, mental health equity, and how payers can help integrate care in mental health.
P4P programs feasible in addiction settingsAlcohol and drug dependency treatment goals can tied to an insurer’s pay-for-performance incentive program. Here’s how.
How to help adult children of alcoholic parentsWhat would make pediatricians wonder if a parent in their office might be “an adult child of an alcoholic parent?” The following case could be viewed as representative.
Opioids: A pediatric epidemicOpioid use is now a significant problem for the pediatrician and the families served in pediatric practices. Whereas patients with a prior history of drug use, misuse, or suspicions of drug misuse have long been studied, monitored, screened, and treated for adverse outcomes, opioid-naïve patients with legitimate medical reasons for opioid prescriptions may represent a greater risk for opioid complications.
Treatment of opioid use disorderAs problems with opioid use and abuse in the United States increasingly emerge to create what is being called a public health epidemic, clinicians are facing the great challenge of trying to provide optimal pain management for their patients while being mindful of the potential deleterious effects of the highly addictive opioids.
FDA panel greenlights Probuphine for opioid addictionFDA advisers recommended approval of the first long-acting, subdermal buprenorphine implant (Probuphine, Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Braeburn Pharmaceuticals) for the maintenance treatment of opioid addiction.
When physicians struggle with mental health
When physicians struggle with mental healthEven the most brilliant physicians often lack the capacity to see inside their own heads or view themselves as others see them. They may neglect or fail to notice the obvious: Burnout, violation of boundaries, depression, anger, substance abuse. Or they may understand they’re in trouble, but fear letting anyone know about their struggles. Help is available when physicians need a path back to professional health. Learn more
Gaming addictionIncreasingly, reports are emerging that some children and adolescents become preoccupied with Internet gaming. These “gamers” may demonstrate compulsivity and exclude other interests as a result of online gaming that leads to clinically significant impairment or distress.
Florida passes naloxone lawThis week, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed the Emergency Treatment for Opioid Overdose Act into law, allowing first responders to possess, store, and administer naloxone.