adaptive optics

AO imaging offers novel data for understanding retinal diseaseAdaptive optics (AO) is providing new insights about retinal structure and may help to identify potential areas for treatment of retinal diseases, said Mina Chung, MD.
How adaptive optics will change retinal imaging
How adaptive optics will change retinal imagingAdaptive optics could allow clinicians to monitor the progression of retinal diseases cell-by-cell, according to Jacque Duncan, MD.
Light-adjustable lens addresses challenges of refractive target concernsThe unique properties of a light-adjustable lens are designed to provide predictable results and customized refractive treatments.
Biomarker research centers on early glaucoma diagnosisThe search for glaucoma biomarkers is in high gear. Funded by Catalyst for a Cure, the research program has already produced new biomarker candidates and novel techniques that promise to advance research in glaucoma. Research is focusing on ways to diagnose glaucoma early and detect the specific, minute changes that could allow researchers to reduce vision loss.
ARVO puts spotlight on imagingCongressional staff briefed on OCT during World Glaucoma Week