Diagnosing early-stage AMD with a dark adaptation deviceA dark adaptometer (AdaptDx; MacuLogix Inc) can aid in the diagnosis of early-stage, or subclinical, age-related macular degeneration before visual loss occurs and even before structural changes are observed, and adds to the information obtained from retina cameras and OCT imaging.
6 things you missed at Vision Expo West 2017
6 things you missed at Vision Expo West 2017If you didn't make it to Las Vegas for this year's Vision Expo West meeting, don't worry. Optometry Times has you covered with the latest news from the meeting. Catch up on what's new!
Improve and protect the next patient with diabetesPaul Chous, OD, MA, and his scientific team, as published in a recent British Journal of Ophthalmology clinical scientific study, have just raised the bar for public service, professional practice, and fiscal responsibility.
New device aids early AMD diagnosisSECO International has a nearly 100-year history of providing optometric meetings of the highest caliber. SECO 2014 was no different. Lectures by our most esteemed colleagues were plentiful, and the knowledge base which was available to attendees was impactful. The exhibit hall provided the opportunity to demo many of the new technologies mentioned in the lectures. One such piece of equipment was AdaptDx by MacuLogix.
New tool to evaluate dark adaptationAlmost 70% of patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) are unaware of their disease until vision loss has occurred, said Gregory R. Jackson, PhD.
New diagnostic technology for AMDRecently unveiled technology that aims at early detection and tracking of AMD can prevent vision loss and improve quality of life in patients with the disease.
Evolution of diagnosis methods will preserve vision, prevent AMD progressionTraditional methods of diagnosing AMD are not effective, now that there are been significant advances in treatment. Early diagnosis is imperative in order for patients to have better outcomes, including preserving vision and preventing disease progression, from dry to wet AMD. Diagnostics are evolving to diagnosis AMD earlier.