actinic keratoses

October clinical considerations for NPs, PAsThis month, we examine how to recognize Zika virus, a new therapeutic option for AD, and the concept of field cancerization in treating actinic keratosis.
Treating the AK fieldInnovative modifications of conventional treatments for actinic keratosis (AK) can help patients live with this chronic disease in more comfort and greater safety, and with potentially improved outcomes.
Off-label PDT protocols show promise in AK treatmentModified PDT protocols prove promising for AK treatment, maintaining high clearance rates while reducing cost, one expert says.
6 important trends in PDT treatment for AKSeveral “What’s New” factors will help dermatologists optimize photodynamic therapy in the treatment of actinic keratoses.
More common sense needed in treating AKsNeal Bhatia, M.D., asked attendees to consider why they treat AKs and challenged them to think of more strategies for preventing and minimizing treatment problems.
Eradicating actinic keratosis: Pros and consDr. Neal Bhatia shares his perspective on Actinic Keratosis from his Controversies session at the 23rd World Congress for Dermatology: pros and cons on routine eradication, trending populations, and modalities of treatment. learn more.
Painless PDT: The next stage in the evolutionShort ALA incubation coupled with blue light therapy yields effective, pain-free results.
PDT superior to cryotherapy for clearing actinic keratosesPhotodynamic therapy (PDT) provided a better chance of complete lesion clearance in the treatment of actinic keratoses (AKs) when compared to treatment with cyrotherapy, according to results of a recent study.
Novel strategies minimize actinic keratoses treatment burdensField therapy in patients with multiple facial actinic keratoses (AKs) is important for preventing the development of new, clinically visible lesions and squamous cell carcinoma. Yet, for a number of reasons, including the need for prolonged topical treatment and poor tolerability, field therapy is widely underused.
Photodynamic therapy uses broaden as more data emergesPhysicians have greatly changed the ways in which they use photodynamic therapy (PDT) since it was introduced, according to an expert who spoke at the South Beach Symposium recently.