Solving the ineffective acne consultResearchers report on survey findings that shed light on why patients find acne consultations ineffective.
14 tips for more effective acne consultsResearchers reveal that patients may have concerns with acne consultations. The authors offer tips to improve acne consults.
Acne nuances in patients with skin of colorAcne presents with certain nuances in darker skin patients. Exacerbating factors, treatment approaches and desired treatment outcomes may differ from lighter skin patients.
Topical inhibits sebum to control acneThe investigational sebum-inhibiting topical DRM01 had positive results in a phase 2b study, which paves the way for phase 3 trials planned for 2017.
GlobalMed Technologies acquires Omnilux MedicalGlobalMed has represented medical and aesthetic dermatology brands, including BMT, CoolTouch and Radiancy, since 1996. Omnilux noninvasively treats dermatologic conditions, including acne, fine lines and wrinkles and non-melanoma skin cancer.