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Partner content: Dr. Baldwin discusses the burden of acne
Partner content: Dr. Baldwin discusses the burden of acneAlthough acne is typically regarded as an adolescent condition, acne is aleso prevalent among adults. The limited data available on the clinical characteristics and burden of acne inspires Dr. Baldwin. In this short film, Dr. Baldwin describes the universal clinical characteristics and psychosocial impact of this skin condition.
Oral contraceptives effective for long-term acne treatmentHormonal therapy is effective in treating acne, but patients will likely have to remain on hormonal therapy long-term to maintain the benefits.
Skin metagenomics reveals acne insightsA better understanding of the delicate balance the bacterial microbiome plays in disease may lead to new therapeutic options.
Tips for treating acne scars
Tips for treating acne scarsDifferent types of acne scars may require combinations of treatments and multiple sessions.
Going beyond clinical guidelines for acne treatmentConventional acne treatment guidelines focus on acne severity. But there’s much more to effectively treating individual acne patients, according to an expert panel of 13 Canadian dermatologists, who developed a case-centered multifactorial consensus on acne management. Learn more
Inflammation crucial to acne lesions, dermatologic syndromes
Inflammation crucial to acne lesions, dermatologic syndromesNew and evolving therapies targeting inflammation could therefore be tried to help quell the symptoms of these diseases and conditions. learn more.
My patient with acne committed suicideA doctor who prescribed oral retinoids to an acne patient is sued by the patient's family after the patient commits suicide. The doctor's career, practice, reputation and everything he holds dear are at risk simply because he tried to be a good doctor. Should he try to defend himself? Will he lose the case at trial?
Acne pathogenesisThe pathogenesis of acne is not entirely understood, but new insights may yield new therapeutic targets in the near future. As research into the pathogenesis of acne continues, the spectrum of available therapies will continue to expand.
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