acanthosis nigricans

Teenaged girl distressed by persistent rashA 16-year-old girl presents for evaluation of an asymptomatic brown rash over her central chest and back that developed over the preceding 6 months. She is embarrassed by the appearance.
Retinoids, vitamin D useful for hyperproliferative skin disorders
Retinoids, vitamin D useful for hyperproliferative skin disordersDermatologists could be making greater use of topical retinoids and vitamin D preparations in treating a variety of hyperproliferative and other skin disorders. In the early days of psoriasis treatment, the “sandwich theory” focused on epidermal turnover and inflammation, with one drug or strategy for each layer.
Skin presentations common in obese patientsSeveral skin presentations in obese patients are associated with the presence of excess skin while others are associated with the pathophysiology of obesity. Dermatologists should have a conversation about weight loss with obese patients.