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Letter to the editor--Regarding ‘Academic medicine: A bubble about to burst?’A reader writes about reducing costs of care to lead to improved, sustainable revenues for the clinical enterprise.
The 20 worst residency programs for producing primary care physiciansWhat immediately jumps out about the list of residency programs that produce the lowest percentage of primary care graduates is that it includes some of the biggest names in healthcare: Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Brigham and Women's and plenty of others.
Top 20 medical institutions ranked by percentage of primary care graduatesThis list highlights the 20 medical institutions that are the top producers of primary care graduates by percentage of total graduates, citing data from a recent study in Academic Medicine.
Specialty professors outearn primary care peers by 43%Primary care professors reported a median compensation of $203,777, compared with $291,101 for specialty professors, according to a survey from the Medical Group Management Association.