Infant’s seizures and skull fracture could point to child abuseA 5-month-old Hispanic male presented to the emergency department (ED) at a children’s hospital in the Northeast United States directly from his daycare after caretakers witnessed 2 shaking, seizure-like episodes. The episodes lasted 1 to 2 minutes in the setting of a fever as palpated by the parents.
Filling medical gaps in foster care
Filling medical gaps in foster careThe pediatrician may be one of the only sources of advocacy, support, stability, and advice for the child in foster care. In that role, he or she must understand the needs and experiences of a foster child compared with other patients in the practice so that the unmet needs of this vulnerable population can be addressed.
Health home meets foster care’s complex needsAn integrated health home in North Texas aims to fill disparities in physical and mental health, educational attainment, and special healthcare needs for today’s children in foster care.
HHS proposes clampdown on short-term health coverageHHS has announced steps aimed at limiting short-term health plans and strengthening the marketplaces. Here's how you will be affected.
Cutaneous clues of child abuse
Cutaneous clues of child abuseA skin manifestation can be a pediatrician’s first clue that a patient is being abused. Up to 90% of physical abuse victims present with cutaneous findings, such as bruises, lacerations, abrasions, burns, oral trauma, bite marks, and traumatic alopecia.
New guidance on generic opioids, biosimilars labeling coming from FDAFDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) will release a document designed to provide manufacturers with guidance on the evaluation of abuse-deterrent properties of generic opioids by the end of 2015. It will also release a document on biosimilars product labeling in the same time period.
Reproductive and sexual coercion: counseling strategiesPatients who have experienced intimate partner violence have reported that positive, supportive encounters with healthcare providers have helped them to improve their situations.
Can I fire an employee charged with domestic abuse?There is no cut-and-dried correct response to firing an employee charged with domestic abuse, but, there are a number of factors dermatologists should first take into consideration before taking any adverse employment actions against workers embroiled in domestic violence disputes.
Guidelines prompt skeletal surveysWhen should a young child’s fracture raise suspicion for abuse and prompt an order for a skeletal survey (SS), a series of about 20 radiographs?
Toxic childhood stress changes gene expressionAbuse early in childhood affects how certain genes are turned on or off, which may help explain why severely stressed children are at higher risk of psychological and physical problems, a recent study suggests.