An alternative treatment for OICA new study examines an alternative to current treatments of OIC in abdominoplasty patients.
A question of age and abdominoplastyStudy authors show patient selection trumps chronological age for low risk, low complication abdominoplasty.
Screening tool for tummy tuck patientsClassification system accurately predicts complication risk in abdominoplasty patients.
10 Tips for tummy tucksOne surgeon shares his abdominoplasty approach that delivers authentic — not artificial-looking — results.
Shedding light on post-abdominoplasty seroma formationIn an effort to learn more about the formation and progression of seroma following abdominoplasty, a research team examined 21 patients who had undergone standard abdominoplasty. This is what they found.
Study examines venous risks with post-abdominoplasty compression garmentsCould the common practice of using compression garments post-abdominoplasty elevate the risk of blood clots? Brazilian researchers take a closer look.
Researchers define the aesthetic characteristics of a beautiful bellybuttonIn plastic surgery, it’s the tiniest of details that often set apart merely an acceptable result from one that is truly extraordinary. In this vein, researchers in Singapore sought to find specific, definable aesthetic characteristics for reconstructing the umbilicus for patients undergoing abdominoplasty or lipoabdominoplasty.
Exparel controls postop painA long-acting, intraoperative analgesic may be an adjunct to pain control in cosmetic surgeries.
Lipo safe when combined with abdominoplastySurgery combining abdominoplasty and liposuction appears to be as safe as the individual procedures performed separately, a recent study suggests.