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Contact lens solution roundupKnow what your patients see when they purchase lens care products
Don’t rule out HSV patients for refractive surgery
Don’t rule out HSV patients for refractive surgeryThe longer the time since the last outbreak, the better
Finding the ideal mix-and-match IOL strategyTwo clinicians explore why an optimal visual solution for patients may be using both a low-add multifocal and an extended-range-of-vision lens.
The latest tool for photo-refractive comanagementWhen a colleague or a patient utters the phrase “intelligent design” (ID), it is challenging for me to not roll my eyes as far back as some patients’ contact lenses get lost up there. Honestly, if we really think about it, the design of the ocular system is far from intelligent.
Viscoelastic injection may improve microstent efficacyPatients receiving a sodium hyaluronate ophthalmic viscoelastic device injection showed a trend toward greater reduction in IOP than patients who received a microstent alone.
AMO launches second phaco platform this yearThe availability of a new cataract surgery platform from Abbott Medical Optics (AMO) marks the second phacoemulsification system launched by the company in the United States this year.
Glaucoma drainage devices: Location, location, locationWith glaucoma drainage devices gaining in popularity, the implantation technique must be tweaked to achieve the best results with the fewest complications.
Pearls for efficient femtosecond laser cataract surgery in busy practiceThe introduction of a femtosecond laser for cataract surgery into a practice can bring the concern for the potental loss of efficiency. A Louisville surgeon provides some solid advice and shares some strategies to make this new technology as efficient as possible.
Cutting-edge LASIK technologies in quest for perfect visionTake-home message: The various excimer ablation technologies have their pros and cons. Wavefront-guided ablations using aberrometry can provide the vast majority of patients with uncorrected vision of 20/20 with fewer postoperative visual symptoms.
Supraciliary microstenting: advancing glaucoma treatment in the age of MIGSIn this article, Dr Ianchulev discusses MIGS supraciliary microstenting, a compelling new approach for outflow enhancement that results in sustained reduction of IOP and anti-hypertensive topical medication use in OAG patients.